Type PL82 and PL83 Pilot Regulators

The PL82 is designed for the P1808 and F289 Back Pressure/Relief regulators. The PL82B is used in pressure relief applications
and vents continuously when the main valve is re-positioned or in the relieving mode. The PL82B does not bleed/relieve with pressures below the set pressure.The PL82 is a low bleed pilot and will only bleed when the valve is being repositioned. The PL83 is a low pressure unit for the
inches of water column spring ranges of the 2″ F289 and is a high bleed restriction pilot. The gain options of low, medium and high
allow for the lowest build ups and fastest response speed – high gain being the fastest.

Belgas PL82 and Begas PL83 Pilot Regulators Photo


  • Designed for use with the P1808 and F289 Back Pressure/Relief regulators
  • Pilot operated
  • Choice of PSIG or WC ranges
  • Gain options of low, medium and high
  • Aluminum body material


  • Gas and liquid service
  • Oil and gas separators
  • Distribution relief device for gas distribution systems
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