Type PL81 Constant Bleed Pilot Regulator

The PL81 is designed as a constant bleed pilot regulator, for use with high flow gas regulators, in applications where accuracy and speed are desirable. The PL81 is used in conjunction with the range spring to achieve faster correction response and a more accurate adjustment of the pressure setting.

The PL81 is a constant bleed pilot regulator. The gain options of low, medium and high allow for the lowest build ups and fastest response speed – high gain being the fastest.

Belgas PL81 Constant Bleed Pilot Regulator Photo


  • Pilot for High Flow regulators, when accuracy and speed is desirable
  • Aluminum body
  • 1/4″ Standard Port Size
  • Choice of Output Ranges: 0 to 35 PSIG or 35 to 100 PSIG
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