Type P99 Gas Pressure Reducing Regulator

The BelGAS Type P99 gas pressure reducing regulator provides a broad range of controlled pressure ranges and capacities for use in a variety of distribution, industrial, and commercial applications.

The regulator’s high accuracy keeps constant inlet pressures to downstream equipment by accurately controlling distribution system pressures at widely varying flow rates and supply pressures. The device also eliminates the need for pressure-compensating meters by holding a steady pressure to the meter inlet.

To view the Operational Schematic for the P99, Click Here.

Belgas P99 Gas Pressure Reducing Regulator Photo


  • Minimizes sudden downstream load changes
  • Wide pressure range
  • No atmospheric bleed
  • High accuracy
  • Tight shutoff
  • Easy to maintain


  • Natural gas distribution systems
  • Gas supply to industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens and mixers
  • Plant air service
  • Oxygen and ammonia service
  • Large commercial establishments such as shopping centers and schools
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