Type P627 Low and High Gas Pressure Regulator

Type P627 from BelGAS is a spring loaded, direct-operated, low and high gas pressure regulator, designed to support a variety of applications in the oil and gas industries.

These regulators provide durability, from the powder-coated epoxy exterior finish, as well as installation versatility, from the multi-position body and spring case configurations. These regulators are also available in an external pressure registration model (P627M), and NACE compliant construction, as well as with the choice of aluminum, steel or LCC body, as well as bonnet and diaphragm cases. The gas pressure regulators also feature a wide range of flow capacities to suit a wide range of requirements.

To view the Operational Schematic for the P627, Click Here.

Belgas P627 Gas Pressure Relief Regulator Photo


  • Wide Range of Flow Capacities
  • Durable Powder Coated Exterior
  • Installation Versatility
  • Multi-position body and spring case configuration
  • Choice of aluminum, steel or LCC body, bonnet and diaphragm casings
  • Optional external pressure registration model (P627M); models also available with NACE-compliant construction


  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical (Pipeline) Monitoring
  • Farm Tap Gas Regulation
  • City Gas Gate Regulation
  • Fuel Gas
  • Industrial Plant Air & Gas Regulation
  • Gas Gathering
  • System Pressure Reduction
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