Type P212 Gas Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS P212 gas pressure regulator is a direct operating, spring-loaded adjustable regulator, used in applications where
pressure reduction is required.

The P212 is built on the reliable and time-proven P202 platform and has been enhanced to offer a full relieving regulator through
the diaphragm relief device. When used with a 2.5″ bonnet vent port, the P212 becomes a fully relieving pressure regulator.

Available in pressure ranges from 2″ of water column up to 5 PSIG, making them ideal for use in applications where wide
variations in pressure reduction are also required. The BelGAS Type P212 is offered with a choice of ductile cast iron or WCB steel
body, flanged or threaded.

To view the Operational Schematic for the P212, Click Here.

Belgas P212 gas pressure regulator photo


  • Minimize Sudden Downstream Load Change
  • Wide Pressure Ranges
  • Full Relief Valve


  • Compressors
  • Gas Engines
  • Service Regulators
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