Type P143 Gas Pressure Regulator

The Type P143 gas pressure regulator from BelGAS is ideal for natural gas, air, propane and general purpose gas pressure regulation. Uses include commercial, residential and light industrial for burners and unit heaters. The Type P143 has an internal relief device and is available in the low pressure cut off – LPCO – version.  The regulator is applicable to a wide range of gaseous fluids, including air, natural gas and propane. Can be used as a LP regulator.

To view the internal monitor version of the P143 click here.

To view an Operational Schematic for the P143, Click Here.

Belgas P143 Gas Pressure Regulator


  • Versatile
  • Control Accuracy
  • Compact Design
  • Low Pressure Cut-off


  • Commercial, residential and light industrial for burners and unit heaters
  • Can be used as LP regulator.
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