Type P1367 Pneumatic Supply Pressure Manifold System

Type P1367 pneumatic supply pressure manifold system from the BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation is designed to provide high and low pressure distribution of gases and fluids. The Type P1367 also provides the added benefit of safety relief valve protection. Incorporating the use of high-quality Marsh Bellofram component parts, the Type P1367 offers customers a complete package for working pressures of up to 2000 PSIG (138 bar) within industrial control system applications.  Additional features include overpressure safety protection, a two-connection hookup, installation flexibility, and NACE compliant construction capabilities

Belgas P1367 Pneumatic Pressure Manifold System Photo


  • Overpressure Safety Protection
  • Two connection Hook-up
  • Installation Flexibility
  • NACE Compliant Construction Capabilities


  • Hi-Lo Gas Pressure Regulation
  • Inlet and Outlet Gas Filtration
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