Type P119 Air and Gas Pressure Control Valve

The BelGAS Type P119 air and gas pressure control valve is a versatile, general purpose, spring loaded flow and pressure regulation control valve with on-off or throttling control and inline maintenance capabilities.

Units are designed for use within oil, gas, and petrochemical (pipeline), industrial plant air and gas regulation, and other industrial environments.

To view the operational schematic for the P119, Click Here.

Belgas P119 Air and Gas Pressure Control Valve Photo


  • Tight shut-off at maximum body working pressure
  • Easy installation
  • Leak detection and low seat leakage
  • Inline maintenance
  • Steel body incorporates NACE #MR-01-75 compliant construction


  • On-Off or Throttling Control
  • Gas or Liquid Service
  • Heater Fluid Valve Control
  • Gas Distribution Service
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