Type 170 Explosion Proof Motorized Pressure Regulator (M/P)

The BelGAS Type 170 motorized pressure regulator (M/P) is designed for Hazardous Area valve control in the oil & gas industry.

The Type 170 utilizes a DC Stepper Motor to turn a gear-driven range screw, which compresses the range spring on a Type 70 Precision Pressure Regulator. User-adjustable limit switches prevent motor operation beyond desired pressure limits. The T170 provides powerful speed-turning capabilities. Ultra-slow speed provides up to 13,000 steps full-scale for super-fine DC-stepper resolution. Fast speed provides 10-second Open/Close operation.

Belgas Type 170 Explosion proof Motorized Pressure Regulator (M/P) Photo


  • High Flow Capacity
  • Power Is Not Required for Operation
  • Explosion Proof
  • Field Adjustable Limit Switch


  • Custody Transfer
  • Remote Low-power Valve Control
  • Fine Resolution Valve Control
  • Oil & Gas Custody Transfer Stations
  • Oil & Gas Well-Heads
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