The P100SX slam shut pressure regulator is ideal for natural gas, air, propane, and general-purpose gas pressure regulation. The P100SX is a double stage regulator providing token relief, excess flow, over
pressure shut off, and under pressure shut off protection. The most common use is residential and light commercial systems.

Over Pressure Shut Off Device (OPSO)
The P100SX regulator is equipped with an over pressure shutoff device, which intervenes by closing
the flow of gas towards the system, when the regulator exceeds a certain value. The OPSO pressure is
indicated on the nameplate of the regulator.

The over pressure blocking device does not reset if the cause of the over pressure has not been eliminated downstream of the regulator.

Under Pressure Shut Off and Max Flow Device (UPSO)

The P100SX works regularly at nominal flow declared on the regulator nameplate. With higher flow rates between 110% and 200% of the nominal flow, the blocking device for maximum flow intervenes. The same
blocking device also intervenes if lower flow rates are delivered but with outlet pressure lower than 70% of the nominal value. The operating pressure of the UPSO is indicated on the nameplate.

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