Pressure Protection

Over / Under closure devices to protect downstream operations and equipment in the case of pressure on the main regulator exceed the set point.

PSX2 Slam Shut Device

Helping critical protection of downstream operations, the BelGAS PSX2 Over/Under slam shut device is now available
for the P200 and P300 series regulators.


P100sx Slam Shut Pressure Regulator

The P100SX slam shut pressure regulator is ideal for natural gas, air, propane, and general-purpose gas pressure regulation.
The P100SX is a double stage regulator providing token relief, excess flow, over pressure shut off, and under pressure shut off protection. The most common use is residential and light commercial systems.


P627SX High Flow Slam-Shut Regulator

The P627SX is a safety device that will shut off in an overpressure condition. This overpressure protection device  can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with another regulator. Complimentary to a pressure reducing regulator which controls pressure/flow at a pressure condition, the P627SX will shut off the flow at a preset pressure condition and remain closed until manually reset.

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