P95H 1-1/2″, 2″ Gas Pressure Regulator

The P95H 1-1/2″,  2″ Gas Pressure Regulator from BelGAS is a direct operating pressure reducing regulator with large capacity. Ideally suited for uses in oil and gas, process gases, steam and liquids. Available in four unique spring ranges and material or elastomer diaphragm and orifice seat materials. All vents are tapped.

These gas pressure regulators are compatible with gas, steam and liquids, facilitating their use within steam injection, inline gas and liquid control, chemical boilers and process heating applications.

Belgas P95 Large Capacity Pressure Reducing Regulator Photo


  • Large capacity
  • Working media include gas, steam and liquids
  • All vents are tapped


  • Steam injection
  • Inline gas and liquid control
  • Chemical boilers
  • Process heaters
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