The BelGAS P63EG is a pilot operated back pressure/relief valve that can be utilized in both liquid and gas services. The P63EG uses various BelGAS pilots to achieve output ranges of very low pressure to high pressure that can all be swapped in field to achieve the desired set point.


The inlet pressure is regulated to a set loading pressure that is introduced into the top works of the P63EG. This loading pressure, along with the main spring are set to keep the P63EG until pressure inlet is built high enough to overcome the loading pressure. The loading pressure remains constant into the P63EG, which allows a tight shut off when the inlet is reduced below setpoint.



  • Liquid and Gas Service
  • Versatile over large range of pressures due to various BelGAS pilots
  • In-line Serviceability – Top works can be removed, and body used as holder for inspection and repairs
  • High Relief Capacity due to its plug and cage design
  • Optional Travel Indicator to measure real time valve opening/throttling


  • Commercial and Residential
  • City/District Gate Relief/Bypass
  • Plant Air Systems
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