P300 Gas Pressure Regulator

The P300 Gas Pressure Regulator from BelGAS is a manual, direct acting, self-operating, spring loaded adjustable pressure regulator.  The P300 series is used in applications where pressure reduction is required. The regulator will reduce the  risk of “shock” from abrupt changes of downstream conditions. This can help prevent safety equipment from shutting an operation down.

To view the operating map for the BelGAS P300 Gas Pressure Regulator, please click here.

Belgas P300 Gas Pressure Regulator Photo


  • Minimize sudden downstream load change
  • Wide pressure range
  • P302 has internal relief value for overpressure protection


  • Compressors
  • Gas engines
  • Service regulators
  • City gate/district gate/air
  • City gate/district gate/boiler pressure
  • General purpose/high pressure
  • Steam/air/water pressure regulation
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