Electronic Pressure Control Products

For applications in which high degrees of control and accuracy are required, electronically controlled pressure regulators offer necessary reliability and precision, with designs that meet specific safety and conformance requirements.

Type T2000 Electropneumatic Pressure Controller

The Type T2000 is a highly robust electropneumatic pressure controller with typical full-scale accuracy of 0.1%, designed to provide precise electronic pressure control of humid (non-condensing) and oil-laden process gases within harsh industrial environments.

Belgas T2000 Electropneumatic Pressure Controller Photo

Type 170 Explosion Proof Motorized Pressure Regulator (M/P)

The BelGAS Type 170 motorized pressure regulator (M/P) is designed for Hazardous Area valve control in the oil & gas industry.

Belgas T170 Motorized Electronic Pressure Regulator Photo

Type 5000 Two-Wire Pressure Transmitter

The compact, rugged and reliable Type 5000 is a two-wire pressure transmitter, expressly designed for industrial field service. This precision unit converts a signal pressure input into a precise 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA output.

Belgas T5000 Electronic Pressure Product Photo
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