Farm Tap/Field High-Pressure Gas Regulation

Type P630 High Pressure, High Flow Gas Pressure Regulators (NACE)

The BelGAS Type P630 is a spring loaded, direct-operated, high pressure, high flow gas pressure regulator.


Type R627 Gas Pressure Relief Regulator

The BelGAS Type R627 gas pressure relief regulator features an internal valve that provides reliable protection against over pressurization, and in many cases, eliminates the need for an external relief valve.


Type P627 Low and High Gas Pressure Regulator

Type P627 from BelGAS is a spring loaded, direct-operated, low and high gas pressure regulator, designed to support a variety of applications in the oil and gas industries.


Type P630R High Flow Gas Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS Type P630R high flow gas pressure regulator is a spring loaded, adjustable relief valve, designed for relief pressure settings from 3 to 250 PSIG (0.21 to 17.3 BAR).


Type F627 High Flow Gas Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS Type F627 high flow gas pressure regulator is pilot-operated for use within oil and gas pressure-factor measurement (fixed-factor billing) applications.


Type P1808 Pilot-Operated Gas Pressure Relief Valve

The BelGAS Type P1808 pilot-operated gas pressure relief valve, or back pressure regulator, is used in gas or liquid service to maintain pressure on oil and gas separators and in pressure relief applications in gas distribution systems.


Type L627 High Flow LP Gas Pressure Regulator

The Type L627 high flow LP gas pressure regulator is a spring-loaded, direct-operated regulator, expressly designed to meet the demands of the oil and gas industries. These regulators provide durability with a powder-coated epoxy exterior finish, as well as installation […]


Type P203 and P203H Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators

The BelGAS P203 and P203H gas pressure reducing regulators are available with a true monitor regulator, which acts independently of the main regulator.


Type P200P Series Gas Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS Type P200P series gas pressure regulator is a manual, direct acting, self-operating, spring loaded adjustable regulator, used in applications where high-reliability pressure reduction is required.


Type P99 Gas Pressure Reducing Regulator

The BelGAS Type P99 gas pressure reducing regulator provides a broad range of controlled pressure ranges and capacities for use in a variety of distribution, industrial, and commercial applications.

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